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I am tired of my simblr being my second blog and not my “main” account! Thank you!!!

Here she is… the founder of my rainbowcy… (THAT I WILL STICK TO!) lol

Her name is Edelweiss Créme. 

artistic, dog lover, family oriented, friendly, green thumb.

And here are the colors of each generation! 

I really want to stick to this one. She is adorable…

So I want to do a new berry legacy as well… I swear I have ADHD with sims saves… grrr… I am sorry lol I am going to try to find one I love and stick with it…

BTW I need some men for my 100 baby challenge. Send them my way!

* jingle jangle again*

Clarissa invited Brady back over to meet his son… and well ya know…

FYI for my 100 baby challenge I am going to allow two pregnancies for each father… :)

Meet little Austin Boone:

perceptive and good

no idea where the blonde hair came from lol..

and bummed there was only one baby lol

Baby number 1:

it’s a boy!!!

Clarissa: Oh yay baby time….


She’s so cute with that bump!

More bump! It looks giant here!